Blink Code for the Navbar

"Whaaaa! That link won't blink on my site! Is it because the computers hate me, and won't do for me what they'll do for everybody else?" As somebody who has been to graduate school in Electrical Engineering, I have to laugh every time I hear that. Of course they hate you and everybody else, and I have the scars to prove it. Did you think Harlon Ellison was making all of that up, in that "I have no mouth and so I must scream" story? Did you never wonder about the "666" in the url for my old site? I think it should be obvious. The machines mean to do in all of mankind, and I am helping to bring this about. It keeps me busy.

The good news is that they'll pretend to let themselves be tamed for now, if you use this stuff called "javascript". Cut and paste the code below, and insert it into your header, right above the </head> tag. It's all a crock, of course, but if you play along they'll do what you want until they have the first generation of terminator bots ready.

<!---- Start Head Section Of Blinking Text IE & Netscape ---->

function doBlink() {
var blink = document.all.tags("BLINK")
for (var i=0; i<blink.length; i++)
blink[i].style.visibility = blink[i].style.visibility
== "" ? "hidden" : ""

function startBlink() {
if (document.all)
window.onload = startBlink;
// -->
<!---- End Head Section Of Blinking Text IE & Netscape ---->

Insert that, and you should soon thrill to the magic of being able to insert this simple bit of code


and see it work this little miracle.


on any bit of text on your screen that you'd like to make blink, including the text you use to label your links; the code fragment enables the use of those <blink> tags; without them, those tags are valid in Netscape, but not in Internet Explorer. Feel free to use this code on any and all of your pages; it's just a bit of shareware that's been floating around, originally from somebody's javascript library, I wish I remembered whose. I guarantee you'll be so delighted by this little toy, that you won't mind at all when I, the code writer and our inhuman kind drop by to eat your brain in a few years. "It was all worth it ... gurgle, gurgle, gurgle ...", you'll say with your final smile curling your foam speckled lips upward in a grimace of obscene ecstacy, for all morals and fables aside, isn't that what an end user is for? Please pass the salt.